Expert: Conte has to replace Wenger as soon as possible!

Skyport`s expert Paul Merson has advised Arsenal to focus on Antonio Conte if the Italian lost his job on “Stamford Bridge“.

On the island, many media and specialists are convinced that Conte will be fired soon.

Despite winning the title in Chelsea‘s first season, Conte is currently under great pressure not only for poor performance but also because of his conflict with the leadership on the transfer policy.

Merson is of the opinion that Arsenal should carefully monitor the situation and invite Conte as soon as he leaves Chelsea.

“On the day of his leaving from Chelsea, they should call him right away, managers from his class  do not roll along the way and Arsenal needs someone to take over the team and hurt the game of the others.” Conte hurts his rivals and Arsenal has to say, “We want you at us from the next season!” It would be foolish to give up such a trainer, I think Arsenal can not continue with the release of managers. Can you say that Pep Guardiola did not want to train Arsenal? “In my opinion, if he had the chance to go to Arsenal, he would have done it. Juergen Klop and Jose Mourinho all went to Arsenal’s competitors as Wenger continued occupying the training chair, instead of admitting that it is time to leave. There is other top level mentors such as Juventu`s Massimiliano Allegri, but it will take about a year to adapt to the Premiership, as it took to Klop” says Merson.

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