Betting review for 26.09.2018 Dijon – Lyon

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In one of the 7th rounds in League 1 of France, we will see a match between the teams of Dijon and Olympic Lyon. The hosts in the Dijon match are in the 7th position before the start of this round, and Lyon is the sixth. Both teams have 10 points.

The news about Dijon

In the first rounds, the team showed a very serious game and won 3 of 3 games. Subsequently, however, the performance of the club fell and Dijon lost two of his last three fights. The weekend won a point on his visit to Reims after 0-0. Florent Balmont is out for this meeting while Gourcuff and Samaritan are in question.

The News of Lyon

Olympic Lyon developed his season in the opposite direction to Dijon’s. Olympics started tentatively, but the last two wins of the team definitely inspired him with additional self-confidence. Olympique Lyon first won 1-2 on his visit to Man City in a group stage match and then won 4-2 in front of his audience againstĀ  Marseille on the home scene. Total 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw for the team in its last 6 games. All major players in the composition are healthy.

Dijon vs. Lyon – statistics

6 matches so far between the two teams in the history of League 1. In them, Olympic Lyon has achieved 4 successes and Dijon has only one victory. She came to one of the three hosts against Lyon, where the guests took 2 wins, according to the statistics. Olympique Lyon won his last 2-5 visit to Dijon, but the upcoming meeting promises to be harder. The hosts left good impressions from the start of the campaign so they will want to win new points. However, Lyon is on the rise and a new victory will reinforce the overall performance of the team.

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